Shawn Code Documentation

This manual documents the source code of the Shawn simulation core and of some Shawn applications. It addresses developers who want to use the Shawn API or extend Shawn itself. The main documentation resides in the Shawn wiki. Especially read the page Extending Shawn there.

Every Shawn application has its own C++ namespace: the name of the application in lower case. The documentation of the namespace gives an overview of the application's source code. In addition, an application may provide some additional information in the Related Pages section.

Shawn has quite many applications for different purposes. Only the source code of the following applications is documented here.

The Shawn Core

The simulation core of Shawn can be found in the sys folder. Its namespace is shawn.

The SUMO Application

The SUMO Application offers access to the files of the network simulator SUMO. Currently it support SUMO network files and SUMO dump files. Its source code is documented in the namespace sumo. There you can also find configuration file examples for normal usage and testing.

The VANET Application

With the VANET application you can simulate the information flow in a vehicular network and test your information processing algorithms. Its source code is documented in the namespace vanet. The additional page Architecture of the VANET Application describes the concept of the application.

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